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March 13, 2017


ADVISEMENT:  for maximum readability /comprehension, this email is much better read on a monitor/laptop than a phone as there is lots of info contained within it. This will also be available later on the Oak Tree Gun Club website under the Annie Oak-Tree Ladies© / Females for Firearm Freedoms© tab!  


Greetings!  I hope a lot of you were able to join the free Webinar last Thursday evening entitled Surviving Violent Encounters which was hosted by Doris Montrose of Jews Can Shoot. It was presented by Scott Kirshner, author of Officer Survival for Probation and Parole Officers.  It was great education and will be available on the Jews Can Shoot website soon.  I couldn’t write fast enough to take down all of the notes I wanted, but these 3 are good basics to remember:

  1. “The WILL to win beats the SKILL to win” – in other words, how badly do you want to live through this encounter?   
  2. “You don’t stop fighting for your life until you have no life left”  - NEVER GIVE UP OR GIVE IN!
  3. “You cannot respond to a threat you do not know exists” -  be AWARE at all times! Stop walking around with your face in your phone!


This was an EXCELLENT “wake-up” training that I will watch again – and hope you will as well! I’ll let you know when it’s available for viewing.




Please indulge me in my venting to the articles below… pretty much says it all…

The Second Amendment is 27 WORDS!!!  And should be comprehensible to a third grader…. 

WHY can’t the asinine OATH-BREAKER idiots in Sacramento get it??? 




  Let’s face it, folks – WE are our OWN rescuers, redeemers, liberators and knights in shining armor.  Nobody in Sacramento and nobody in Washington D.C. (to this point) is doing ANYTHING to help us restore our Second Amendment Rights in California!  They are all MIA in our fights.  So we MUST financially and vocally support the gun rights orgs in California who ARE fighting for us!  We must educate ourselves on the issues and be willing and able to defend our 2A Rights verbally to the opposition – and be able & willing to mentor others to do the same! I’m not certain we understand the gravity of being a disarmed peoples – but there are millions of people throughout the world who can witness to that fact – and it’sPAST time to get serious about it here in America! We have LET it come to this point by NOT speaking up before – there is no longer an excuse for silence!


  I’ll be the first one to say that reality can suck – and sometimes ignorance is bliss!  But that “ignorance” will get us killed!  And the moment we have to admit there IS a “control” problem here in the form of disarmament, then we can no longer live in our fantasy world and pretend all is lovely.  And when we can no longer deny a problem, that means we have to DEAL with it – and I think THAT is what most people FEAR and dread the most.  But it is the ONLY way to maintain Freedom & Liberty in our personal and public lives!  “Wishing and hoping” things will be different won’t do a d*mn thing to change it!  And apparently up to this point, elections won’t either. Do NOT think it “can’t happen here”.  That’s what themillions of citizens slaughtered by their own governments also thought – and are STILL thinking.


  I can’t MAKE anybody have passion about their God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and property – that has to come from within each of us as individuals. But I can shout from the rooftops of their impending demise.  And if people WANT to hear and WANT to act, they will.  If not, I’ll at least know that I did all that I could do to keep my country and myself free.








KNOW YOUR FATE:  California Firearms Laws – What’s New (or how we’re screwed) in 2017- 

   “There’s no other way to put it:  2016 was not good for the gun owning citizens of California.  Irrationality ruled the year and the following is a run-down of the new laws and how we must comply with changes in 2nd Amendment-related policies for 2017 and beyond”.

  GOT AMMO??? - Ammunition Registration – this is the most complex as the Department of Justice is still deep in the process of developing regulations and meshing the language of Proposition 63 and legislation signed by the Governor last year. Unless otherwise noted, the effective date is January 1, 2017.


READ more-




10 Things Every California Gun Owner Need to Know on January 1, 2017 

     Good luck in getting through this one without stopping to scream somewhere through it! 

   READ more-



5 Things Gun Owners Need to Know after California DOJ Withdrew its “Bullet Button Assault Weapons” Regulations

     Saturday, February 11, 2017 Posted by Firearms Policy Coalition

   “Last night (2/10/2017), FPC broke the news that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms withdrew former Attorney General (now U.S. Senator) Kamala Harris’ “Bullet Button Assault Weapon” regulations.   The regulations were submitted by DOJ and Kamala Harris in December following the enactment of Assembly Bill 1135 and Senate Bill 880 (two of the “Gunpocalypse” package of gun control bills signed by Governor Jerry Brown last July), which reclassified virtually all semi-automatic firearms having “evil features” and a magazine locking compliance device (like a Bullet Button) into so-called “assault weapons” and banned them from being sold or transferred after January 1, 2017.”

What does it mean for you?

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Don't Let California Ban Gun Stores

   “You already know that the law requires law-abiding Californians to use a licensed gun dealer to purchase or transfer firearms. And thanks to Kevin de Leon and Gavin Newsom, all ammunition sales and transfers from out-of-state retailers must eventually go through a special State-licensed ammunition dealer.  But if the County of Alameda and the State of California get their way, they’ll soon have the power to ban gun and ammunition dealers.”

  READ more-


   READ more-

   Teixeira v. County of Alameda: Federal Second Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment challenge to the County of Alameda's de facto ban on gun stores.




California Democrat Pushing One-a-Month Gun Purchase Limit – they are trying it again….

   California State Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada-Flintridge) is pushing legislation to limit gun purchases to one-a-month.

    “Portantino misses the fact that it is already illegal to buy a gun for someone who is ineligible to buy one on his own. His bill will do nothing to stop people who are already willing to break the law on straw purchases. This is why Sam Peredes of Gun Owners of California said Portantino’s bill “does not prevent straw purchasers from breaking the law. They are only passing laws that affect law-abiding citizens. This doesn’t affect criminals.” 

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Events - Upcoming:  


Annie Oak-Tree Ladies© Shoot  - March 18 – it’s AR-15 night! 


Please RSVP ASAP – sorry for the late notice on the venue……


  1) Time will be normal with check-in ~ 5:15pm and we’ll start shooting after the Range closes to the public @ 6pm.  Meet in the side room off of the Oak Tree Bar & Grill.  Please get there EARLY so we can start on time!


Members =$20 ea

NON-members = $40 ea  (ask about our special rates for membership!) 

      Above includes: Range Fee, Staff instruction; AR-15 Rifle Rental, ears/eyes and enchiladas afterwards!

 (ammo available for purchase at range)

PLEASE bring your own Rifle & Ammo if you have it along with ears/eyes. 


  2) Remember to DRESS WARM (layers) if it’s chilly at night.  Closed toe shoes - and to avoid cartridge burns, no v-neck or low cut tops.


  3)  If you have fruit/plastic containers to shoot at, please get them up to the Rifle Range prior to the event.  I’m taking my plastic containers on Friday to drop them off, so they can get filled with water beforehand. That way, we’ll be able to shoot sooner.  Fruit can be anything you think you can hit – apples / tomatoes / oranges/ watermelons, etc.  (The 99¢ Store is a great place to purchase fruit).  The deer and other critters will eat it after we leave -and last time we had to stop the shoot as the deer didn’t want to wait & Savage had to shoo them away!.  NO glass/cans as we don’t want the hazard of glass shattering and metal shrapnel.


Any questions, please email  and we’ll answer your questions….


“Give ‘em Hell” classes  - to be announced - how to write LTE’s / contact reps, support 2A groups, become involved and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in restoring our Second Amendment in California! Please let me know if you are interested in being a participant and/or a leader in this adventure!  There IS power in numbers and we need to let them know we are HERE! This is where we turn our talk into walk!



UTAH CCW classes – to be announced – class sizes limited to 8-10 women per class. More classes will be held as needed.

If you are interested in this all day class, please email me as I’m now gathering names – and classes may fill quickly. 

    Dates/times/cost will be announced as slots are filled.



"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country."  - James Madison, I Annals of Congress 434, June 8, 1789


See you soon!

Forever Armed & Free,