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FFL Transfer Procedures


Before you purchase any firearm online or plan to have any firearm sent into the state of California you must first confirm the following:

1. Confirm that the firearm and all related accessories are California legal and compliant. NO assault weapons, off roster handguns (Unless the customer is a Law Enforcement Officer), short barreled rifles or shotguns or high capacity magazines.

2. Confirm that the Firearms Dealer that will be shipping the firearm is also California Compliant. We will not receive firearm shipments from Private Individuals. The Firearms Dealer must be familiar with how to properly send firearms into the state. California imposes additional requirements onto FFL Dealers and many dealers are either unfamiliar with these requirements or choose not to comply.


Once you have confirmed these 2 requirements, you can feel free to purchase the item and make the proper arrangements to have it shipped into California.


You will need to physically come into our store to make the proper FFL Transfer arragements by providing us with 5 things BEFORE the FFL Dealer ships us the firearm.

1. We will need your contact information.

2. We will need the firearm specific information.

3. We will need the FFL Dealer information including an email address.

4 We will need a "Hard Copy" of your invoice or receipt for our tax records so that we may collect California Sales Tax. If the Dealer has already charged you tax, we will need the copy of the invoice to confirm that tax was already collected.

5. It is $75 per firearm for FFL Transfers. The $75 DOES NOT include the state DROS Fee, Tax, or any other incidentals


FFL Transfer Dealer Information


In order to initiate an FFL Transfer we will need to have the customer come into our location, and provide us with the following PRIOR to sending out our FFL information or you shipping us the firearm.

1. Customer Contact information.

2. The firearm information, and verifying it is California Compliant.

3. Your dealer contact information including your email address.

4. A "Hard Copy" of your receipt or invoice for our tax purposes.

5. Payment for the Transfer. 


Once we have this information, we can proceed with sending out our FFL for the purpose of the Transfer.


We do not accept firearms shipped USPS.